War in Ukraine – 471 days today!


Russia's invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. The reason, according to Vladimir Putin – President of Russia, was why Ukraine applied to be part of NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a supranational body that aims to ensure the security of its member countries through specific actions, created on April 4, 1949. But the real reason lurks behind Russia's economic greed. Ukraine accounts for 12% of world wheat exports and 15% of maize exports. Along with Russia, the invaded country holds a fairly significant share of the world trade in wheat (30%), maize (17%), barley (32%) and sunflower oil, seeds and bran (50%). Not counting the second world reserve in Manganese, approximately 25%, second only to South Africa. There are other countries that border Russia and that already participate in NATO, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, but as these countries do not have an economic attraction, they were not taken into account by Russia's dictator, Vladimir Putin.

According to the BBC London, based on UN reports, 8 million Ukrainians have left the country to flee the war and 240,000 soldiers from both sides and about 40,000 civilians have died. In this context, we have approximately 600 deaths per day, which gives 25 deaths per hour, since the beginning of the conflict. There are thousands of young people, children and the elderly who have had their families destroyed by economic issues and pure human greed. With each passing day we lose a little of our humanity, watching this atrocity, sometimes online on TV or the Internet. Never has Hannah Arendt's banality of evil been so present in an event of the twenty-first century. The world authorities watch everything as if it does not affect them, but the problem is greater, when such facts show that human life has ceased to have value. When we don't feel empathy for the pain of the other, let something evil enter our lives and direct our actions, as we live on a single planet, all this will turn against all of us! We already live in an internal war over our incompetence to help others. The war is already here, too bad we didn't have the sensitivity to feel it!!