Our journals have chosen not to have public investment in order to maintain their autonomy and editorial independence. Therefore, the publications are maintained by the authors through the payment of the publication fee. It is important to clarify that there are no free journals, in the end, someone pays the costs, either the authors or the contributors through public funds.

Dear Articulists, JHT does not charge a fee for submission of articles, but after approval of the article, a publication fee of R$ 500,00 (five hundred reais) will be charged for residents in Brazil, and U$ 100,00 (one hundred dollars) for residents abroad. Articles published in two languages (Portuguese and English), will be charged a publication fee of R$ 600.00 (six hundred reais). I kindly ask that when submitting an article, you check if all the data is correct, since after publication, any alteration will be charged a fee of R$ 100.00 (one hundred reais) for Brazilians and U$ 50.00 (five-hundred dollars) for residents abroad.

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