Our journals have consciously chosen not to seek public funding or run ads on our websites, a decision that is critical to maintaining our autonomy and ensuring complete editorial independence. To cover the expenses inherent to our publications, we have opted for a funding model in which the authors themselves contribute by paying a publication fee. It is important to highlight that the idea of free publications is a misconception; There are always costs involved, which are ultimately borne by someone – either by the authors or by the taxpayers via public funding. The publication fee is calculated based on a range of factors, including monthly fixed costs, variable expenses, and investments. Our expenses cover a variety of items, such as hosting on Amazon, hiring qualified professionals such as journalists, lawyers, librarians, IT specialists, a Data Protection Officer (DPO), accountant, among others. They also include expenses such as DOI registration (in dollars), communication services (internet and telephone), proofreading and layout of texts, marketing, software subscriptions, acquisition of equipment (such as notebooks), taxes (federal and municipal) and registrations on various platforms. The magazine clarifies that there is no cost for the initial submission of articles. However, a publication fee of R$ 500.00 (five hundred reais) for authors in Brazil and U$ 200.00 (two hundred dollars) for international authors is applied after the article is approved. It is essential to check all details before submission, as post-publication corrections will incur an additional fee of R$ 200.00 (two hundred reais).
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