Indexers and impact factor of scientific journals

Indexing and impact factor are two metrics used as parameters of quality and visibility of scientific journals around the world. Their main focus is to help publishers, writers, scientists, scholars, academics and readers in general with regard to the quality, accessibility and visibility of their articles and research papers.

Indexers are digital platforms that bring together a set of journal titles that have gone through a selection process to be indexed on the platform, these facilitate access, dissemination and appreciation of the scientific production generated in the countries, and especially in the various languages in which they are published. Thus, it welcomes and provides information of original articles to the reader to locate the material of interest, without the need to search thoroughly all the journals in the area under study, which would demand a lot of time.

The impact factor, on the other hand, is a method used to qualify scientific journals based on the citations they receive, for example, if 1000 articles were published in the last two years and the journal received 100 citations in the last year, the impact factor for this journal is 0.1. This bibliometric method evaluates the importance of scientific journals in their respective areas, and is a measure that reflects the average number of citations of articles published in a given journal.

Today there are thousands of indexing and impact factor platforms on the Internet that publishers and readers can use to analyze their journals and articles, the higher the impact factor and number of indexings of the journals, the better quality it will be!

1- Plataforma Sucupira - CAPES

2- Sumá

3- e-Livro

4- DOI - Digital Object Identifier

5- Google Scholar 

6- Scope DataBase Indexer

7- ABEC - Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors

8- eduCAPES -

9- Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI)

10- Dimensions 

11- Crossref - USA

12- Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources

13- CiteFactor - Academic Science Journals 


15- WorldCat

16- LivRe - Centro de Informações Nucleares - CIN 

17- Researchbib Academic Resource 


19- Normatiza - Canadense 

20 - LATINDEX - Europa 


22 - International Scientific Indexing - Emirados Árabes Unidos