Registration in the Journal
Before submitting your article, it is essential to register in our journal. For a smoother process, we recommend that you watch the [registration tutorial]

Article Submission
Submissions must be made in Word format. For detailed guidance on this process, please see our [submission tutorial]

Article Monitoring
To track the status and progress of your article, access the journal's platform using your login and password. Attention: only the main author, responsible for the submission, will have this access.

Post-approval review
If you receive a notification that your article has been approved, but needs corrections, access the platform with your data and follow the instructions provided. The [tutorial on reviews] can be useful in this process.

Publication Fee
Once approved for publication, you will be notified by email of the need to pay the publication fee. Be sure to send the proof of payment along with the article number and title to the journal's email.

Certificate Request
If you wish to obtain your Letter of Acceptance or Certificate of Publication, please see our [application tutorial]

Orcid Registration
We recommend that all authors create and keep up to date a profile on [Orcid] . It's a free platform, and when you post with us, you'll be notified directly there.

Post-publication changes
After publication, any change will require the article to be temporarily removed from the platform for corrections, incurring an additional fee. Therefore, make sure that the final version submitted for publication has been thoroughly reviewed.

It is imperative that all co-authors are registered in our journal.

We hope this guide simplifies and clarifies the publishing process. We are available for any questions or additional support.