Editorial Team


Prof. Dr. Márcio Magera Conceição P.hD - Centre For Functional Ecology

Economist at PUC- Campinas. MBA in Marketing from ESAMC, Sorocaba. Master's degree in Administration from UNG - Guarulhos. Master's degree in Sociology from PUC - São Paulo. PhD in Sociology from PUC - São Paulo. PhD in Philosophy of Administration from FCU - Florida Christian University, USA, diploma Recognized in Brazil from UNAMA University, Pará. Post-Ph.D. From Florida Christian University, USA, FCU. Post-Doctor Unicamp - Campinas. Post Doctor FCU - USA. Post-Doctor University of Coimbra- Portugal. Journalist and Writer. Mec/INEP evaluator, for 16 years. Pro Rector of the University of Guarulhos, SP. Researcher of the group of scientists of the Center for Functional Ecology of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Researcher at Universidade Paulista, UNIP. Member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters Cad. 014/ALB-SP. Professor of the Geoenvironmental Master's Program at Guarulhos University. Editor-in-chief of Scientific Journals; RECIMA21. Curriculum Lattes


Prof. Esp. Edson Roberto Berbel 

Bachelor of Arts from the Faculty of Philosophy Sciences and Letters Farias Brito, now UNG University and post-graduate (lato sensu) in English language from UNG University. Professor of English Language from 1997 to 2001 by the Educational Institution CCAA - Anglo American Cultural Center in agreement with UNG University. From 2001 to 2008 Professor of English Language at the Guarulhense Center for Language Teaching (company related to UNG University). From 2009 he assumed the position of Reviewer and Coordinator of Institutional Publishing of Electronic Scientific Journals at UNG University and teaches classes in English Language, Portuguese Language, legal Portuguese and Hermeneutics and Legal Argumentation for the Courses of Letters, Design, Tourism, Biological Sciences, Journalism and Law. Currently, he is also one of the editors-in-chief of Recima21 – Multidiscipline Scientific Journal. Currículo Lattes

Profa. Ma. Joelma Telesi Pacheco Conceição

Technologist in People Management, Specialist in People Management, Specialist in Didactics and Methodology of Higher Education and Master's degree in Administration by Unifaccamp. Mec/INEP Evaluator
Currículo Lattes 

Dr. Jamil Awad Shibli -State University of New York at Buffalo-School of Dental Medicine  Curriculum Lattes

 Dra. Magda Feres - University Harvard - USA Curriculum Lattes

Dr. André Oliveira Paggiaro - USP, Brasil Curriculum Lattes


Dra. Meline Rossetto Kron - University Guarulhos, Brasil Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Josué de Moraes - University Guarulhos, SP, Brasil Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Adriano Piattelli - University UNIPA, Itália. Curriculum

Dra. Maria de Fatima Alves - Universidade Aberta - Center for Functional Ecology Science for People, University of Coimbra - Portugal Curriculum

Dra. Paula Castro - Center For Functional Ecology Science for People, University of Coimbra, Portugal, curriculum 

Dra. Ana Carla Raphaelli Nahás-Scocate - University Guarulhos, Brasil Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Leandro Passarini - Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick - Canadá Curriculum Lattes

Dra. Leda Maria Ferraz  da Silva - Universidade Federal Fluminense UFF- Brasil 

Curriculum Lattes



Dra. Maria Aparecidade Ferreira de Mello Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Sergio da Silva Costa Curriculum Lattes

Dra. Noélle de Oliveira Freitas - University USP Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Marcelo Dourado Sales - Florida Christian University, USA Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Fabiano de Abreu - Califórnia University USA Curriculum Lattes

Dra. Noêmia Lazzareschi - PUC, SP, Brasil Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Omar A. Ferrer C. - University Metropolitana UNIMET - Venezuela Curriculum 

Dr. Ricardo Costa – University Paulista UNIP Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Marcos Antônio Lins dos Santos Bezerra - Faculdade de Ciências da Administração - UFPE Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Fabricio Bau Dalmas - University Guarulhos - UNG Curriculum Lattes

Dra. Belen Stephanie Retamal-Valdes - Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Allan Jonathan Chernichiarro Corrêa Curriculum Lattes

Dr. Pedro Paulo Albuquerque Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Curriculum Lattes